Casting Company

I am pleased to announce I am now a casting affiliate of Seunta LLC. And they will be casting all my models from now on unless I return to self casting. They are an experianced company with a good reputation of quality and have experience, operating since 1997. Sherry has already proved to be very easy to deal with and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with this company.

Lady Eathelyn, Dadhikra and Argentina are currently cast at Seunta now for sale, refer to each of their ads in the for sale section.


FAQ#1 Why I started sculpting

I started sculpting a) because I had always wanted to paint a blank model horse and never could afford one, b) if I was going to paint a model I wanted it to be one I did because I didn’t like the ones I had seen for sale “BREYER”, c) when I looked into sculpting horses I did find blanks I liked, called “Artist Resin” but they were way more than I could afford and I found that quite a profit was ‘possible’ from making these.

I began sculpting after Christmas 2014 when I was gifted my first super sculpey clay and tools and had already made an armature to use2015-12-21 00.50.25 drawing for the armature and outline of first sculpture, I seem to have lost the actual armature photo.2016-01-14 11.58.402016-01-14 11.58.462016-01-14 11.58.53      The resulting very awkward looking first sculpture “The ROCK” after being cut, hips tilted back, barrel shortened and painted in acrylics.

After the first sculture I found the anotomy of the horse was very important for creating a good sculpture, bone, muscles and then fleshing out, also an armature should be made as if the horse was square and then bent to motion. next came Argentina: Criollo Mare Sculpture 2015 the biggest factor that let this sculpture down was the armature wire I used, it was far too soft (flexible).

After the semi disaster of Argentina came Dadhikra: Marwari Foal Scuplture 2015 . I used copper wire for the main armature and my soft wire to hold the copper wire in place and for the tail. To this day I am still uncertain if I am happy with this model although he sits in half a mold waiting for the other half so he might be cast.

Then came Hoiho 2015 the first “good” sculpture, I decided I wanted to cast this one, I thought he was great. After he took out first place in The Moore Park Beach Art Show and obtaining a (oh so hopeful) “buisness” loan from a family member and researching everything I could about casting, I bought the supplies from Rowe Trading, the only registered stockists of Smooth-On (the recommended brand by established model horse artists) products, and began casting. I got 17 castings with various pinholes to the last to with about 80% of the surface being pitted.

Lesson:1, I have since found talcom powder on its own is the best mold release and the mold should have been cleaned at least a few times between castings. Also a simple basic pressure chamber would have helped with maybe even removed all of the air bubbles.

Lesson:2, Classic scale, 1:12 scale models have recently lost popularity, it seems maybe because there arent enough new models with proper datail in this scale and most showers (where models get most exposure and arists become known) want performance friendly models. “Know your market.”

Lesson:3, I have only sold 2 blanks and have resorted to painting some and even sending two away to a farely big name LSQ artist in America for trade of her painting one and returning it to me to try and gain interest in my work and this model. “Build a clientel and registration of interest before going ahead with casting.”

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for sculpture number 5, Lady Eathelyn a sweet little pregnant Fell pony mare.

Argentina: Criollo mare, resculpted


Originally my 2nd Sculpture, there were many aspects I became unhappy and found fault with so I removed and reset three of her legs and removed areas over her hips and shoulders along with her mane and forelock  before resculpting. Large classic scale and now more performance friendly, garrocha pose mare. This action packed model is now jetting her way to the casters Seunta LLC where she will be available in a resin edition.

Dadhikra: Marwari Foal Scuplture 2015

This is Dadhikra, a little 2 month old Marwari colt. His name in sanskrit means, A divine horse who personifies the morning sun. He is my 3rd sculpture and has has has a couple of tweaks to his head to make him look more ‘foallike’ (2nd photo) and is now headed for Seunta LLC where he will be professionally cast and resin copies will be available.

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