Casting Company

I am pleased to announce I am now a casting affiliate of Seunta LLC. And they will be casting all my models from now on unless I return to self casting. They are an experianced company with a good reputation of quality and have experience, operating since 1997. Sherry has already proved to be very easy to deal with and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with this company.

Lady Eathelyn, Dadhikra and Argentina are currently cast at Seunta now for sale, refer to each of their ads in the for sale section.


Argentina: Criollo mare, resculpted


Originally my 2nd Sculpture, there were many aspects I became unhappy and found fault with so I removed and reset three of her legs and removed areas over her hips and shoulders along with her mane and forelock  before resculpting. Large classic scale and now more performance friendly, garrocha pose mare. This action packed model is now jetting her way to the casters Seunta LLC where she will be available in a resin edition.