Argentina-Resin Release

Argentina  castings now available, $135USD =approx 191.70NZD each including international shipping, ships direct from Seunta.LLC, please contact me via my provided e-mail to purchase.

Argentina is large classic (Breyer size approx 1:12 scale) scale Criollo mare, in garrocha movement.                                                                        She is my second sculpture, I have re-sculpted  more than once until the current  form that I am happy  with.
Sculpted by myself she has now been professionally cast into beautiful shelf worthy resins by Seunta.LLC and these are now for sale. Ready to be painted to any coat colour or pattern you should choose to paint or left sitting on a display shelf.

~each casting will be accompanied by a special Certificate of Aunthenticity designed by myself.
~castings are sent directly from the reputeable company Seunta.LLC in the USA after they have been paid for.
~castings all have my original initial signature ebedded on the underside exactly the same as my original sculpture, to protect against farudulent copies I will not disclose where this signature is.
~Price is a set price that includes international shipping.

Argentina is sculpted in a pose depicted from a single moment in the garrocha performance (vaquero dance on horseback involving a long garrocha pole demonstrating harmony  betweem horse and rider). Although the pose of this sculpture came from one blurry image, as with the majority of my art, many references were used, in this case to create a fully dimesional model I used a lot of equine anotomy references along with videos of horses in movement along with what I already know of horses.

As with all my sculpting the equine form, breed and part of the world they come from is researched and has a major effect on the name given, for this sculpt I wanted to:
◇Attempt a mare.                                                                                             ◇Use a pose I had not yet seen sculpted that had the possibly to be used in more than performance situation for showing                       ◇Most of all I wanted to create a model of a breed that would be more of a challenge to paint, a.k.a loud white markings, and I came across the manchado pattern, the manchado pattern that has only been found in South America around Argentina where the Criollo breed originates.

She had all the extra details one photo can never show such as, chesnuts, female parts, frogs and other details on her bare hooves.