Lady Eathelyn Castings

Lady Eathelyn castings now available, $160 USD=approx $227NZD each including international shipping, ships direct from Seunta.LLC, please contact me via my provided e-mail to purchase.

Lady Eathelyn is a pregnant 1:12 Scale Fell Pony mare.
Sculpted by myself she has now been professionally cast into beautiful shelf worthy resins by Seunta.LLC and these are now for sale. Ready to be painted to any coat colour or pattern you should choose to paint or left sitting on a display shelf.

~each casting will be accompanied by a special Certificate of Aunthenticity designed by myself.
~castings are sent directly from the reputeable company Seunta.LLC in the USA after they have been paid for.
~castings all have my original initial signature ebedded on the underside exactly the same as my original sculpture, to protect against farudulent copies I will not disclose where this signature is.
~Price is a set price that includes international shipping.

Lady Eathelyn is sculpted partially from the first photo I ever saw of a Fell Pony, to this original concept, I then adjusted:
*Her facial features, to appear as though she has just begun/ended yawning, including flared nostrils, upturned, tongue partially out and eyebrows raised, just like a real horse.
*Her swished tail.
*And all the extra details one photo can never show such as, chesnuts, an udder and other female parts, frogs and other details on her bare hooves and everything else to create a fully dimesional model.
I gave her the name Eathelyn as it is and Old English name and the Fell Pony is a British Heritage Breed, it means waterfall which is very fitting as the breeds mane is often reffered to as falling like a waterfall, I gave her the title ‘Lady’ due to the fact the Fell Pony is one of the British queens most favourite breeds.


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