Dadhikra Castings

A.K.A mr.popularity, so far he is my best seller.

Dadhikra castings now for sale shipping direct from Seunta.LLC $160USD =approx $227NZD international postage included, to purchase please contact me via provided e-mail.

Dadhikra is a 1:9th scale model of 2 week old Marwari foal colt. The original sculpture is sculpted by myself with lots of fine hairy details a shy little expression.
Beautifully and professionaly cast by Seunta.LLC in white resin ready to be painted to whatever colour your heart desires or sit on a shelf on display.
*features fine details including, hairs, detailed hooves, genitalia, facial features and characteristic Marwari ears
*signed with my initials signature on his underside exactly as my original sculpture was, for protection against fraud I will not disclose where
*each casting comes with special Certificate of Authenticity designed by myself.
*1:9th scale is equivalent to Breyer Traditional scale so he should go well with other traditional adult Marwari models.
*International shipping included in list price to make this model more accessible worldwide and build a customer base.

I was inspired to create this model as I have always admired the Marwari breed with their very unique characteristics, I wanted to do something Traditional scale but could not afford the clay to make an adult horse not to mention there was already more than one adult Marwari horse on the market, hence Dadhikra was born. as with all my artworks I like to research so to find a fitting name, I searched out the religions that occur in the Marwar region, and went with one of the most commonly practiced religions in this region of India, Sanskrit. I then searched baby boys name from that religion and came upon Dadhikra which I felt fitted well since its meaning is “a divine horse which personifies the morning sun”.


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