FAQ #2 Can I paint a model “this” colour?

Simple answer Yes!

Explantion: As a child I learned to mix colours and have over the years refined this, in other words so long as I have the primary colours, and shades I can paint any colour however I am lucky and have a few brown variations at my disposal as well. With oils, colours are built in layers, some layers may look really ‘wrong’ to the untrained eye but each layer lends to the overall realistic look I try to give my models. for example Hōiho Silver was created with only the colours below.


One last thing, NO I am not a LSQ painter, yet, for one I am an absolute beginner a) with painting models, b) painting in oils, c)none of my models have sold therefore none have made it to show where they could be judged as such

Thanks for reading stay tuned for my 3rd oil painted Hōiho,  Hōiho Majestic 12 the 2nd

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